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What our clients are saying..
"During the time I've been working with Net Return Marketing they have cut my cost per lead in half and at the same time over tripled my monthly lead volume."

Brian Cane

Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Much More than just Clicks.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most lucrative marketing strategies available today. No other marketing technique provides more precise control or detailed campaign data. Additionally, if a PPC campaign is well constructed and positioned, it is often possible to be profitable right out of the gate. And often, with careful observation and proper optimization, an existing, profitable campaign can be made highly profitable within months.

To the same degree that there are opportunities for your business to succeed quickly with PPC, there are equal opportunities to fail fast. Pay-per-click can be the most brutal head-to-head advertising your company can do. Your competitors are always just a click away, and once a visitor has left your site, the investment you made to bring them to you is lost.

At Net Return Marketing, we execute PPC campaigns based on a proven, time tested system where nothing is left to chance. Risks are hedged as much as possible, and opportunities for return are leveraged to the max. Here are a few of the components of our campaign construction…

  • Unique Market Positioning. Before launching a campaign, your market and competition are thoroughly researched. Unique market positioning is either refined or established.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research.  Which keywords will bring the largest quantities of qualified visitors to your web site at the lowest possible cost? Sometimes finding the right keywords to drive your ads is obvious and sometimes it’s not. Either way, we will find them.
  • Better Ads.  Who is your ideal customer or client and who is not? We will create the ads that will help you find the bulls-eye of your online market.
  • Better Landing Pages. The performance difference between an average landing page and a well-constructed landing page can be as much as 200%. How effective are your PPC landing pages?
  • Careful Monitoring & Aggressive Optimization. The launch of your PPC campaign is just the beginning. We keep a careful eye on your campaign through every step of its early development  into maturity. Often, exceptional opportunities for further optimization (and profit) will not present themselves until a campaign is several months old.

Choosing a firm to help you successfully create or optimize your PPC advertising program is a major decision.  To help assist you in this process, we would like to offer you a no obligation phone consultation. In this consultation you will be able to talk to an Internet Marketing expert (not a sales person) about the specific challenges and needs of your business and get all of your questions answered. Whether you ultimately decide to hire our firm or another firm, we would like to see you make an informed decision. To sign up for your no obligation consultation, simply click the button below.

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