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Search Engine Optimization - Possibly the highest returning marketing investment your business can make.

Often the first thing business owners think about in regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is where they want to be ranked for what they feel will be their highest value keyword(s). Ranking for high volume keywords can be an integral part of a sound SEO strategy but is by no means the complete picture. The most important consideration you have as a business owner is not what rankings you are going to achieve through your SEO investment but ultimately how many qualified visitors is your investment going to bring to your website and what will be the real value of those new visitors to your business over time.

Important questions to ask and answer before beginning an SEO campaign are…

  • How can I get the most SEO value and leverage out of my current website?
  • What kind of changes will my site need to undergo so it is as Search Engine friendly as possible?
  • What keywords should I target in my campaigns? What will be my highest volume keywords? Which keywords will have the highest profit margin?
  • How competitive is my market? How costly will it be to get the rankings necessary to bring significant quantities of new visitors to my website? How can I leverage my spending to bring the highest numbers of qualified visitors at the lowest cost?
  • I’ve heard link popularity is important. What are the most cost-effective strategies for getting links and how many will I need to compete in my industry?
  • Once I’ve achieved my desired traffic flow and return, what will it take to maintain my investment?

At Net Return Marketing, we work closely with you to determine your overall goals and your target return on your search engine marketing investment. From there, we create a comprehensive plan which includes benchmarks, milestones and specific timing for ultimate goal achievement.

Choosing a firm to help you successfully make a Search Engine Optimization investment is a major decision.  To help assist you in this process we would like to offer you a no obligation phone consultation. In this consultation, you will be able to talk to an Internet Marketing expert (not a sales person) about the specific challenges and needs of your business and get all of your questions answered. Whether you ultimately decide to hire our firm or another firm, we would like to see you make an informed decision. To sign up for your no obligation consultation, simply click the button below.

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