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Our PPC Lead Generation Program Will Help You
Hit the Bullseye of Your Market and Achieve Your Marketing Goals.


A PPC Management Program Designed Specifically for Lead Generation.

As with all of our performance-based programs, the compensation you pay us from your PPC Lead Generation program is directly linked to real, measurable results your account achieves. Our success with our performance-based model is directly related to precise development and refinement of every aspect of the PPC Lead Generation process, including:

In Depth Market and Competitor Research.  Who is your “bread n’ butter" client or customer? What keywords do they search on? What types of ad text do they respond to? We’ll help you answer these important questions and find the sweetest spot in your market.

Expert Website and Landing Page Consultation. In PPC Lead Generation, what separates you from your competitors is literally a simple click of a mouse. To survive and ultimately thrive, you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

We’ll show you step-by-step how to use your website to communicate most effectively with your target market, to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to bring out the best your business has to offer.

Note: If you donít have a current PPC Lead Generation account, you may still qualify for one of our "Starter" PPC Lead Generation programs.
Contact Us so we can discuss your unique situation and see if our programs are a good fit for your business.

Superior Adwords and Yahoo! Account Optimization. We are Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing experts. In optimizing your PPC account, we leave no stone unturned. Our thorough approach results in a much more refined, targeted and relevant pay-per-click campaign - which leads to higher quality scores, higher ad positions, more clicks, lower cost per click and ultimately more leads at a lower cost. Here are a few of the areas we address in the course of our account optimizations…

  • Precision Keyword Research, Refinement and Positioning.

    In a typical client account,
    we increase the number of keywords by 300% or more.

    We begin by evaluating and refining the keywords and keyword match types you are currently using.

    We then do in-depth competitor and market research to discover additional keywords which might be valuable for your account.

    Lastly, we go behind the scenes into your account and analytics reports to dig out valuable hidden search phrases which don’t show up on the surface of your account.

  • Ad Text Refinement. Particularly with lead generation, the words you choose in your ad text are a significant factor in determining the quantity and quality of your visitors. We craft your ads so that they are as targeted as possible towards your highest value prospect and at the same time bring in the largest number of prospects for the lowest cost per click.
  • Ad Group and Campaign Restructuring. Once the keyword and ad text work is complete, we’re ready to fine-tune your campaign and ad group structures.

    In a typical client account,
    we increase the number of Ad Groups by more than 1000%.

    Our main focus in restructuring your campaigns and ad groups is to further boost relevancy, quality score and overall account efficiency. We evaluate and restructure your campaigns and ad groups based on several factors, including geographic targets, search / content network selection and keyword / ad text similarity.

  • Better Bid Management. We leverage the latest technology in our bid management process. We begin with a manual evaluation of your account. Once correct positioning, tolerances and parameters are set, we then let the computer take over.

    We employ the very latest in bid management technology to find the most productive ad position and bid amount for each and every keyword across your account.

    Once the system is off and running, keyword bids are optimized daily from every possible angle including ad position, bid amount, time of day, day of  the week and geographic location of searcher to produce maximum lead productivity levels.

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